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onsdag 20 augusti 2014

The Light of the Soul we speak of, Child...

Your Soul’ Light we Speak of now.

There, deep within your Soul lies the innermost Light. Not to be mistaken for what you call aura or energy. This is different, this is Divine. We see it as your Soul’s Light and if carefully cared for this Light will make your eyes bright, your breath easy and senses beautifully tuned in with the Creation.  Your courage will roar like a mountain lion and you shall be as careless as a coyote shouting in the desert. You might say that you feel like One with All.

This Light within you is what we of Spirit see and seek out. Even when forgotten by you, it still shines. It is the Light in the darkness that guides lost souls home to security. You can let this Light grow, let it shine bright. This Light within you grows stronger when nurtured by stillness, creativity, love, faith, dreams and inspiration.

This Light is what you speak of when a Mother carries a child, when given birth to new life, this Light expands and is visible for all eyes to see, for a moment. Then it fades back into a lantern within. This Light is in every Woman, Man and Child. By awakening it you will easier hear our whispers, you will easier see your path in life and you will meet the Souls you need to keep growing. Love and peace will be around every corner you turn.

This Light of the Soul is not to be confused with what you  call aura or energy. This is the Divine Light within you that directly connects you with the Creator and lies deep within your Soul. Find it and release your inner power, child. Find it.