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fredag 2 november 2012

New Life

So, my child. You wish for a New Life, do you?

What is Life? How do you measure it?

Is Life, when you breathe?
Is Life, when you feel?
Is Life, when you accomplish something?

Take this Holy Fire that we sit by and exchange thoughts, feelings and knowledge.
Watch the flames dancing. See the one that becomes smaller as we speak?
The ashes suffocate it, makes it smaller, down to a mere glow.
Until we blow spirit in it, ashes go away and the flame rises again, brighter than ever.

Child, that flame is you. Blow away the ashes and you will get New Life.

Bottom line. If you wish for a New Life,
you must let go of the old one.

Get ready for change, change things and get rid of the old.
Not only feelings and energy.
Ashes aswell.

Life is freedom and love eternal.

Do you really need to live your life in the same way as always, with all the old things surrounding you with memories of the past? Let go. Create space for new things, energies and feelings.

Let go of the past,
and New Life will come.

That is the Nature of the Divine Energy.

2012-11-02 Mother Pinetree

måndag 22 oktober 2012

you are you
I am.

For far too long you have measured yourself,
by others.

You are,
just as,
I am.

So try this....
I am that I am and I am Divine.

Just try.

tisdag 28 augusti 2012


This is what you need to survive.
This is what you have.

What do you do with it?

When you get ill and your body hurts. You cry, you beg and pleed for aid.
We heal, we love, we do what we can - we of spirit.

Then we cry, beg for you to listen and pleed for aid.
Help Mother Earth.
She is now crying, begging and pleeding.

For her children, who she cares for and nurishes, to wake up.
Use the Earth as intended, make the Wind fresh to breathe, keep the Fire of Love burning and keep the Waters fresh for drinking.

Is that so hard? Please try, we cry at this Holy Fire and pray for your hearts and ears to open.
Use the Spider's Web to spread word.


torsdag 23 augusti 2012

No souls are ever lost,
ever missed,  they simply turn from atoma to spirit.

We welcome them, embrace them, with that love you feel the first time you hold a newborn child. We care for them, Divine love is all that exists, no matter how they pass over. All are equal, are are love, all are light. All are loved by next of kin, guides and angels - not to mention the Divine Energy.

All is and All is one. We are Divine.

tisdag 14 augusti 2012

...what you are...
...why you are...

Remembering, child of the stars, is one of your soul's purposes. We do not care if you call it incarnations, childhoodmemories or drems...we just wish for you to remember. To remember the essence of you. Essence of soul.

Listen to the song in that simpel word... Rremember.... It is a symphony...

You see, as a mother sees the smile, hears that laughter, when she watches her child... She can bring that smile right up from her heart to her mind - in a split second it goes. And there it is. Perfection. Remembering, that moment of love, joy and beauty.

You see, as a you gaze into the eyes of the one you love, your soulmate. That special energy, that look in their eyes. The one that makes you feel one with All. There it is. Perfection. Remembering.

Truly remembering what you are, you find in these moments, all you are blessed with it, moments.
Truly remembering why you are, you find in these moments, alls you are blessed with it, moments.

Your whole life is made of moments...treasure them...make them a unity..live life.

Remembering is a blessing.

måndag 13 augusti 2012

you stare again at that wall...pondering..and I come...

We feel joy, at your joy, at me being me, as I remember me.
You gave a great picture of what used to be me. A psychic image, that's all.
Have you ever stopped to think of why you see us as persons and bodier. Remember, we are of spirit, you of atoma.

Laugh we can, joy is good. Meeting halfways is the best....you wish for body...you got one... Pleased you are we see, and joy fills our beings. Soul eternal is a figure of speech. Souls feeling joy is a must. We feel the strenght in your soul, as in many others, you stand straight. Stand straight and proud although the stormy winds mixes everything up. Remember, child dearest, you cannot mix soul. Soul is of essence, lost by mind at times, but heavenly pure. You are of atoma, I am of spirit. You got spirit, let it rise.

Walk easily. Walk proud. Walk in spirit.


söndag 12 augusti 2012

So how come...
...why distrust...
when you can choose TRUST...

A good question, my child... I see you have been wondering, tossing at nights... Have you choosen now, have you? Blessed you are my child, a great step has been taken. You can never walk protected completely, but protected by the elders and angels you are. You need to live this life, see it throug, with all the joy and pain it brings. The path you have chosen may not be delightful at times, but it is pure and connected to your soul. Walking about you are. As you should. So, my child, if i might I would like to whisper into your ear: "Blessed you are, seen you are, you are all the things you wish to be."

So, as simple as it is, you choose to distrust, because it is easier, it hurts less.
Instead you shoul trust, it gives you more truth a long the way. Trust is one of the hardest things, it s as laying you heart on the street. But, those pure at heart, will not step on it. That is what you don't see. The pure hearted. You wait for those with unpure intentions... Do you really want to meet them?
Choose trust and the purehearted will come. They will, my child, why should they not?


lördag 28 juli 2012

The Truth of Things

What is TRUTH?
Why is TRUTH?

Is it something that we in body created. Here, in spirit, there is no need of that concept. Truth is no more, since lie does not exist. We in spirit are at peace, at all times. Why can you not? Why must you win the argument, be the greater of another?

You waste time, time you don't have. Time is running out. Time is of no use anymore. The dimensions as we know them are twisting. In energy you might describe it as a dance. A dance of evolution. A dance of returning to a state of mind wew truth is not needed. Not anymore.

So, when you speak of truth, you accept the concept of lie. Who is to know what truth is anylonger. Since you lied a lot. To you, your loved ones and God himself.

Your truth makes somebody loose their lie. Lies keep people running about. Maybe you at times would create more love if you stopped hunting the truth. Whatever that migt be.

Rest in the light of your soul, child.
Let the love in your heart grow, let it bring light to this Earth.

Let the truth go and by that kill the lie.


tisdag 10 juli 2012

I am Mother Pinetree. Fourth child of a schaman. I am the one of my sisters who is called 'the one who hear the whispers of the heart'. My knowledge is to summon the wind in your mind, the fire in your heart and the essence of your spirit. These I find in my sister Wind, Water, Earth, Fire and Moon. I will always tell truth. I will always show way. I will always be in the wind in the holy Woods of Mother Earth. I am of spirit, I exist in every living beeing, I am.