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fredag 4 december 2015

The Story of The Broken Heart Tree

If you think of it: A broken heart is never wasted. In perfect shape it is safely kept well-nourished and free. Giving joy and pleasure for all to see. When used and broken, whirling down to the ground. It creates vibrations throughout the universe. Creating sacred vibrations touching all hearts. That motion and emotion is a Divine Energy, although creating tears it also creates Healing. Life. Experience. Wisdom. Many great things. So, never wasted is a Broken Heart. The tunes and vibrations it spreads are Divine, how many poets would have stayed silent if their hearts were never broken? Sacred for body, mind and soul is a Broken Heart. Broken on the ground it starts to seek its missing pieces. A new era begins. An era of the Heart.

This is what we wish for your heart to hear and understand: whatever you do, faith will guide you right, this you have heard before. You have a strong and pure heart, full of energy it is. Full of all that a soul needs to carry throughout life. All the turns, step backs and stumbling about that you have taken is not for nothing. Those steps were all necessary to take you to this spot, this square in life. Now you need to stop and look at what you got, what you need and what your soul’s innermost desire is. This might be hard to hear and comprehend, since you often are preoccupied with listening to the shallows voices around you and aiming for material or short term goals. All mankind does this and needs to stop. Take time to see beyond the horizon and plan for days far ahead. You, child have awoken and begun to see the greatness of your spirit and its place in creation. Now you need to set your path straight and allow yourself to truly open the gates to your heart and let the love within it flow like a river at springtime. You do not have any more lessons to learn, you never had. Life is not about lessons at all, life is about living and experiencing emotions, both human and divine. Never forget that, that the greatness of Humanity is the presence of Divine. Divine would not be Divine without Humanity. All things are needed, for one reason or another. What you set your heart to do, you do. You create, you are a Creator, and just as Creation itself is. Without you Creation would not exist. Do you now see the Greatness of every Heart and how truly important your Heart is in the bigger picture and higher perspective? Look hard, child. Do not learn love, let love flow. Love is a Divine Emotion, we at the Holy Fire say, again and again, we remind you and your heart of that. We wish for you to truly open your heart and to truly see your greatness as a person with a healing and giving heart. Worthy of standing proud in your own power, with a strong mind and steady energy as close to your original vibration as possible. Take the steps you need to take and may your Path of Life be bright as you walk along.

//from Wisdom of Mother Pinetree

onsdag 26 augusti 2015

When the Leaves turn Yellow, child. The new era will begin...

“When the leaves turn yellow, child. Things are about to change for you, for all of you of atoma. Hard times has formed energies that are of no good for no one. It all needs to stop. Energies need to be balanced and ways of life altered. The twisting and twirling of illusions and lies need to be brought into daylight. This will hurt. At times you might feel as if you are losing your mind, but your sanity is not at risk. Sometimes your heart will fall to pieces, this is true. Heartbroken by the depth of lies and sadness that will surround you, you will cry yourself to sleep and awaken in the morning with a cold feeling of emptiness. Slowly this will pass and wisdom and calmness will re-enter your life. The great insight of this process has been and will be seeing the smallness of man and woman and the greatness of every man and woman. Closed hearts will open, closed minds will open and closed souls will awaken. In this process you will need strong guidance from your Spiritual Team and you will seek answers to questions that you do not know how to even ask. Your mind will at times be occupied by an energy so heavy that your mind will not be able to calculate the easiest things imagined. As time goes by you will notice a change in your emotions, your emotions that guide you along on your Path of Life. Your emotions will be intense, fast and furious at times. Anger is easy at hand and you will strongly work for justice. There is a great need of tearing apart illusions and emotional games will drive you to the verge of rage. There is still a calm, harmonical feeling within you, throughout all this. Some will say your heart has turned cold, but this is merely you understanding your emotions rather than being controlled by them. There is no cold within you, only a merging towards the Divine. A feeling of being misunderstood will color your Path of Life, so take time to be clear in your communication, do not hesitate to retell your story and clarify your point of view even though it is hard. Do it by standing in your Power showing yourself trust and respect. You still cannot demand that of others if you do not show it to yourself. Stand your ground, child, and do not falter when the storms come. These hurricanes of illusions that will come your way is nothing to be afraid of. … Fear will not guide you through hard times. Spirit will. Fear leads to no good at all. Therefore take time to know your fears, put them out in daylight and see them for what they are. Illusions created by those around you who wish to control you, sometimes even created by you in order to have an excuse to stay put in your comfortable place. It is time to let go of fear and start living by the guidance of heart and soul. It is time for change. By embracing it, instead of feeling anxious and fearful you will see it through in a better manner for yourself.”

torsdag 11 juni 2015

By not expressing thoughts and feeling we slowly die inside. We create a prison of feelings and thoughts that should have been let out in the open. All energy is needed in motion, not in stagnation, kept within. It turns into s stagnated mass that makes your soul heavy and your Soul’s Light weakens.

By expressing your thoughts and emotions your soul gets lighter, your thoughts may once again move freely in a creative manner. Your thoughts become inspirational and solutions finds their way into your mind faster than before. So, release your thoughts by expressing yourself. 

Talk, write, sing or paint. Do whatever is necessary in order to keep the energy of thought and emotion in motion. All energy is Divine. 

You are Divine.

lördag 4 april 2015

So simple, yet still so difficult

Sometimes, on stage, you get those questions that makes you go silent. Until a deep breath is taken and a channel is opened to your mentor in Spirit Realm. There, in that moment of connection lies all that you need to understand all that surrounds you. That simple, quick, moment of pure Faith is all you need to make your energies fly high and your Soul's Light to shine. The question was "How can you prove that the Spirit Realm you speak of truly exists?" The answer was as below, simple, yet so true in its simplicity.

"It is not my conviction of the Spirit Realm that proves its existence. It is your experience of it." 

My next question was to Mother Pinetree "How can we experience the Spirit Realm?"

"Dear Child, in order to experience the Spirit Realm you need an open heart, nothing less - nothing more. All you need is faith. Faith in that your ancestors, your guides and other souls wish you well and wish to carry out their messages to you. We have spoken of the hurricane within you that creates a veil between our Realms, add to that doubt and anger, and the veil is thick as a brick wall. By silencing your mind and by creating balance in your beeings you will get the experiences you need in order to believe in the Spirit Realm. We at the Holy Fire are real, just as real as you are. We only lack one thing - atoma."

onsdag 14 januari 2015


An angry question on a hard day, not very kindly or respectfully uttered. I trust in the fact that the Spirit Realm has knowledge of sadness and frustration.

Why? Why these tears? They are only a sign of weakness, Mother Pinetree. Why were we given a sign of weakness? To the less enlightened ones to see and use against those who already lie down…

Child, tears are of good. Think of all the things they can express. Sadness, anger, joy and pain. When tears start running during anger, you are actually sad and expressing the wrong emotion. When tears start running when you are sad, you need to release emotion. Say goodbye to something that hurts giving up. “…..” Think not less of tears, or of them as sadness. They are cleansing, they were given to you in order to make you listen deeper to the whispers of your Soul when times are hard. Tears are your Soul sayin - Hear Me Out.

//Wisdom of Mother Pinetree (to be released in June 2015)