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onsdag 14 januari 2015


An angry question on a hard day, not very kindly or respectfully uttered. I trust in the fact that the Spirit Realm has knowledge of sadness and frustration.

Why? Why these tears? They are only a sign of weakness, Mother Pinetree. Why were we given a sign of weakness? To the less enlightened ones to see and use against those who already lie down…

Child, tears are of good. Think of all the things they can express. Sadness, anger, joy and pain. When tears start running during anger, you are actually sad and expressing the wrong emotion. When tears start running when you are sad, you need to release emotion. Say goodbye to something that hurts giving up. “…..” Think not less of tears, or of them as sadness. They are cleansing, they were given to you in order to make you listen deeper to the whispers of your Soul when times are hard. Tears are your Soul sayin - Hear Me Out.

//Wisdom of Mother Pinetree (to be released in June 2015)


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