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tisdag 25 november 2014

Preview of the book: Wisdom of Mother Pinetree

Every now and then there comes a time when you need to stop hasting forward and stop to listen to your inner voice and the whispers in the wind. The mind cannot always answer the questions it is asking. Most of the times the questions of the mind are not even relevant to what your soul desires to know. In stillness and silence your hearts inner voice is able to make itself heard and create the correct questions to ask in order for you to see your path clearly. In this time of growth and personal development that is coming your way you need to stop and consider what is of importance to you in the long run.  What you want with your mind or what you desire in your heart. This is the new way of deciding things when the new energies merge in your realm. You wish to hear us, listen to the wind and open your heart. The time has come for you to see beyond your realm and into ours. Time has come to open your hearts and embrace what you once decided to be. Make use of all the gathered knowledge that you carry within your soul from earlier incarnations. This life is what it is, but the memories of the past and incarnations passed are important so that you can fully embrace the Divine Love and Creation that you excist in. You have only begun to be aware of the depths of your own spirituality and yet there is more lightworkers to be awaken around you. People around you are just starting to notice the changes of your energies and it is important that you keep your steps steady on your path. Do not take steps aside due to what others tend to say and think and feel. This is your journey. This is your path. And this is your way to happiness in soul. Keep you pace and trust your intuition. We see you await some kind of awakening, but we fear the awakening you are waiting for is not to come. Not for all mankind, but for you. We see your souls cry for what is going on with man, nature and animal. Your question of what is going on in man’s heart cannot be answered, not by them, not by us nor not by you. We have seen this game before, you see it now. You have seen it before, in earlier incarnations and you learned that some wrongs should not be repeated. You do not repeat them but other who have not learned that will continue to make wrong turns that damage themselves and others. We know this and you know this, but still heart and soul cry a song of sadness. That is as simple as that. You now are treading your path of rising energy and rising consciousness. You are working to find your insights in this lifetime and you are also awakening the old knowledge resting in your soul. When combining these two your are about to enter a new time of balance in your innermost realm. You are integrating your energies with the new energies that are rising around you for the next three mooncycles to come. You are about to acknowledge changes in people around you, they are to see that all is not only what you wish for and wish for to see. Illusions are falling apart and many are about to experience the importance of taking responsibility for energies and promises made. Your energies of healing are growing and you can feel that your innermost essence is taking place and almost demanding for you to let your souls light grow and glow. The ache you feel in body and mind is about to reduce itself in order for you to be able to focus on what you dream of doing instead of what you must do in everyday life. You need to trust the process of this integration of becoming whole and becoming that healer you are sent out to be. Many will seek your guidance and many times you will seek guidance from us and masters around you. There is no need to doubt the gifts given to you, trusting these gifts will make them grow stronger and faster than you imagined. Get ready to see the new way of finding strength and guidance within you. Your tomorrow is already here. It is in the Light of your Soul – awaken it – your Soul’s Light.

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