© Hilaria ~Mira Mård

fredag 12 februari 2016

What your Heart needs to know...

What your Heart needs to know, child is  this:

Troubled we of Spirit are over the lessened value of (hu)man. Remember the chasing of things we spoke of? It is the same now again – do not chase what your heart longs for. Wait for it to come. All things come to life in due time.

The chase causes trouble. It causes disturbed energies. It causes broken hearts. It makes you vulnerable and disoriented. It makes you go off your Path of Life. Your energy spreads out in all directions but one, forward to your destination. Love is meant to come to you at a certain point in life. A point where you are ready for it beyond questioning, fear and doubt of its certainty and true intention.

So, rest asure that you are not left alone and forgotten – the time is simply not right yet.

© Mother Pinetree - Hilaria