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lördag 4 april 2015

So simple, yet still so difficult

Sometimes, on stage, you get those questions that makes you go silent. Until a deep breath is taken and a channel is opened to your mentor in Spirit Realm. There, in that moment of connection lies all that you need to understand all that surrounds you. That simple, quick, moment of pure Faith is all you need to make your energies fly high and your Soul's Light to shine. The question was "How can you prove that the Spirit Realm you speak of truly exists?" The answer was as below, simple, yet so true in its simplicity.

"It is not my conviction of the Spirit Realm that proves its existence. It is your experience of it." 

My next question was to Mother Pinetree "How can we experience the Spirit Realm?"

"Dear Child, in order to experience the Spirit Realm you need an open heart, nothing less - nothing more. All you need is faith. Faith in that your ancestors, your guides and other souls wish you well and wish to carry out their messages to you. We have spoken of the hurricane within you that creates a veil between our Realms, add to that doubt and anger, and the veil is thick as a brick wall. By silencing your mind and by creating balance in your beeings you will get the experiences you need in order to believe in the Spirit Realm. We at the Holy Fire are real, just as real as you are. We only lack one thing - atoma."