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lördag 28 juli 2012

The Truth of Things

What is TRUTH?
Why is TRUTH?

Is it something that we in body created. Here, in spirit, there is no need of that concept. Truth is no more, since lie does not exist. We in spirit are at peace, at all times. Why can you not? Why must you win the argument, be the greater of another?

You waste time, time you don't have. Time is running out. Time is of no use anymore. The dimensions as we know them are twisting. In energy you might describe it as a dance. A dance of evolution. A dance of returning to a state of mind wew truth is not needed. Not anymore.

So, when you speak of truth, you accept the concept of lie. Who is to know what truth is anylonger. Since you lied a lot. To you, your loved ones and God himself.

Your truth makes somebody loose their lie. Lies keep people running about. Maybe you at times would create more love if you stopped hunting the truth. Whatever that migt be.

Rest in the light of your soul, child.
Let the love in your heart grow, let it bring light to this Earth.

Let the truth go and by that kill the lie.


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