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söndag 12 augusti 2012

So how come...
...why distrust...
when you can choose TRUST...

A good question, my child... I see you have been wondering, tossing at nights... Have you choosen now, have you? Blessed you are my child, a great step has been taken. You can never walk protected completely, but protected by the elders and angels you are. You need to live this life, see it throug, with all the joy and pain it brings. The path you have chosen may not be delightful at times, but it is pure and connected to your soul. Walking about you are. As you should. So, my child, if i might I would like to whisper into your ear: "Blessed you are, seen you are, you are all the things you wish to be."

So, as simple as it is, you choose to distrust, because it is easier, it hurts less.
Instead you shoul trust, it gives you more truth a long the way. Trust is one of the hardest things, it s as laying you heart on the street. But, those pure at heart, will not step on it. That is what you don't see. The pure hearted. You wait for those with unpure intentions... Do you really want to meet them?
Choose trust and the purehearted will come. They will, my child, why should they not?


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