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måndag 13 augusti 2012

you stare again at that wall...pondering..and I come...

We feel joy, at your joy, at me being me, as I remember me.
You gave a great picture of what used to be me. A psychic image, that's all.
Have you ever stopped to think of why you see us as persons and bodier. Remember, we are of spirit, you of atoma.

Laugh we can, joy is good. Meeting halfways is the best....you wish for body...you got one... Pleased you are we see, and joy fills our beings. Soul eternal is a figure of speech. Souls feeling joy is a must. We feel the strenght in your soul, as in many others, you stand straight. Stand straight and proud although the stormy winds mixes everything up. Remember, child dearest, you cannot mix soul. Soul is of essence, lost by mind at times, but heavenly pure. You are of atoma, I am of spirit. You got spirit, let it rise.

Walk easily. Walk proud. Walk in spirit.


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