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tisdag 14 augusti 2012

...what you are...
...why you are...

Remembering, child of the stars, is one of your soul's purposes. We do not care if you call it incarnations, childhoodmemories or drems...we just wish for you to remember. To remember the essence of you. Essence of soul.

Listen to the song in that simpel word... Rremember.... It is a symphony...

You see, as a mother sees the smile, hears that laughter, when she watches her child... She can bring that smile right up from her heart to her mind - in a split second it goes. And there it is. Perfection. Remembering, that moment of love, joy and beauty.

You see, as a you gaze into the eyes of the one you love, your soulmate. That special energy, that look in their eyes. The one that makes you feel one with All. There it is. Perfection. Remembering.

Truly remembering what you are, you find in these moments, all you are blessed with it, moments.
Truly remembering why you are, you find in these moments, alls you are blessed with it, moments.

Your whole life is made of moments...treasure them...make them a unity..live life.

Remembering is a blessing.

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