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fredag 2 november 2012

New Life

So, my child. You wish for a New Life, do you?

What is Life? How do you measure it?

Is Life, when you breathe?
Is Life, when you feel?
Is Life, when you accomplish something?

Take this Holy Fire that we sit by and exchange thoughts, feelings and knowledge.
Watch the flames dancing. See the one that becomes smaller as we speak?
The ashes suffocate it, makes it smaller, down to a mere glow.
Until we blow spirit in it, ashes go away and the flame rises again, brighter than ever.

Child, that flame is you. Blow away the ashes and you will get New Life.

Bottom line. If you wish for a New Life,
you must let go of the old one.

Get ready for change, change things and get rid of the old.
Not only feelings and energy.
Ashes aswell.

Life is freedom and love eternal.

Do you really need to live your life in the same way as always, with all the old things surrounding you with memories of the past? Let go. Create space for new things, energies and feelings.

Let go of the past,
and New Life will come.

That is the Nature of the Divine Energy.

2012-11-02 Mother Pinetree

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