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måndag 25 februari 2013

This is me, when I feel sadness, I hit the woods.
This is my ground. I know where the wolf walks, where the deer goes, and where the rabbit takes it leeps. My woods, my peace. No matter that the snow is high, I know where that special place is, all year round.
This time, selfish, in my peace of mind, I wanted to know one thing and one thing only.
So in my inner prayer, as I call it, went to Mother Pinetree....
"Mother Pinetree, please meet me at the Holy Fire, give me peace in soul, give me guidance."

The answer came:
"Sister of Soul, as we see you. Don't you see the animals obeying your command. We know you keep this for you. You love them. You wish no profit. Quit now, bruising yourself with horses, well ownwers actually. Your way is over setteling. Do not settle for less. Settle for more. In your hands and in your mind and soul you carry something that you never must let go of. And, stop closing your eyes, it does not make you less human to see. Always remember, wisdom does not alway come with joy, but it brings happiness."

This, may we at The Holy Fire remind you all of.  Do not settle for less.

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