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onsdag 9 mars 2016

..we humbly reply...

You wish to hear words of wisdom and we humbly reply, but with a reminder of that you carry great wisdom within yourself aswell. Dear Child, for a time now, you have walked this path chosen by you. You have opened the gates to the spirit realm. Starting to experience all that we have to offer for you. It is time to let go of the old ways, the old you and return to your roots. You need to move on from this level you are in. Learn more about the gifts you have, find out ways to polish your knowledge and get the insights you need in order for your soul to grow even greater that it already is. You have not yet reached your true potential spiritually. You need to disconnect your thoughts from it all and go with the feeling. The positive feeling of growth and spiritual joy. All that you are will become even greater, since you are a lot better than you think, you only need to feel trust and let your spirit fly. Now, as the Sun grows weaker and life in Nature rests, let go of the stress and let your energies return at a peaceful pace. Feel your feet in the soil and start remembering the gifts and power of Mother Earth. Feel this energy enter your body and heal what is broken. Use this energy for yourself only in the beginning so that you get to know it well before using it in healing. Gather your strength as a healer and broaden your wisdom as a channel. Since you are a channel for Divine healing power, you need to set yourself straight and let all knowledge forgotten again set in place. There is much to do for you as a healer, people need aid and comfort. More and more as the world as they know it is falling apart. Your place in Creation is now to mend what you can, but the most important thing to remember is mending you. For you Faith almost equals trust. Trust in yourself, lean on Faith when it had to do with things outside your personal borders. At times when you stand in true power and make a statement, energies around you get stirred up and people around you almost get agitated.  This is because they are not used to this new energy within and around you. This is you taking a stand for you and preparing for the future you have seen for yourself. Even though you do not take it for a message from Spirit Realm, it is. One might say that there is no going back for you now that you have a chance to reach your true potential. It is lovely to see how your dreams again awaken, slowly your soul brightens and lightens up. s up. Your energies are going up and you shall soon hear us of the Spirit Realm more clearly. This is what both you and us have been waiting for a long time. That the bridge between us shall be mended so your mind can travel from your realm to our realm without hesitation and fear. Far too long have you been carrying all this within you by yourself. Far too long have your soul been without nourishment from the Holy Fire. We are greatful for the Faith you have shown in us and in you. Strong heart with a strong mind and a bright Soul’s Light is what you have Child. Take care of this and todays obstacles will in the future grow to small events that made you a great person. A great carrier of light and joy, not only to yourself, but to the ones you love aswell. All this is now revealing itself for you. Step by step on your Path of Life. A path long ago chosen by you and your Spiritual Team. So, Child, have Faith in you and Trust yourself.
The time has come to remember the great things you have done in the past and in earlier incarnations. The humble attitude and the feeling of smallness you carry with you is a way of saying you are sorry for what never came to be. That was then, this is now. You do not need to worry that things will end up the way they once did, the magic today I far too pale and thinned out to succeed for something greater than healing and fortunetelling you need to walk the hard way. The great withches and magicians mentioned  in legends are no more. In your time energy is far too fast and fragile, so you cannot create enough energy to  knock out the sunlight, as you once did. Now you have to have Faith in you humble heart that you know what emphaty is an what caring is. Have Faith in your Soul’s wisdom. For wise you are. Your innermost thoughts and feelings rarely see daylight since you think of yourself as common and plain. There is nothing plain about you. You dedicated yourself to hard work and honesty. This is good, it suits your soul fine, but seeing your own greatness is not bad or arrogant. It is only good to see yourself for what you are, so you can proudly stand in your power. There is a greater chance for you to make your dreams come true and to follow you path of life in this lifetime, if you see your greatness. Take your values, add magic as you know it and faith and you shall see that there is more inside you than you think.

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