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tisdag 19 april 2016


oul is Divine. Soul is Holy. Soul is what makes you what you are. Soul carries a light so beautiful you cannot imagine it. It is complex and yet so simple. It is an original energy that goes on forever, throughout incarnations, untouched and always eager to learn.
Soul is what defines you as a person. It makes you unique and divine. All souls have been touched by the Creator and all souls are equal. No soul is born dark or evil. That is human energy and human words to describe a soul lost. As body, soul can be lost, it can become out of || tune and its light may fade into nothing.
When your Soul’s Light shines bright you are in balance and you are in tune with the universe. Walking strong on your path of life. A soul in balance is what you seek, and a soul in balance is what makes a healthy body as well. When your soul is out of balance your body follows. The symbiosis of the two is fragile. Thus you need to feed your soul as you feed your body. 
//Wisdom of Mother Pinetree

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