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torsdag 25 augusti 2016

Of Magpie we speak Child

Of Magpie we speak Child,

Magpie does not weave the magical threads of life, but she reads them well. She knows the knots and breaks by heart, thus she is a observer. She watches and learns, she creates balance where there is none. She combines the forces of the God and the Goddess, the Ying and the Yang, the light and the dark. She does this since she can travel the energies that combine all. She creates beauty where she walks, this is why she likes shine things. She harvests the energy of the shine and gives it along to those who have none. Magpie brings you the message of everyday beauty and settings things in motion by first learning the energy of it all. This Child, is why you were given a Magpie as Animal of Spirit. Because you are fast, elegant and always watching the threads of life. 

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